You must stop giving money to beggars.

Begging means asking for money or food for charity or in the name of God. You see a lot of people begging in the streets and roads so that they can live their lives. What do you know about these people who are begging in the streets for money? You think that they are the ones who need money and cannot afford to live if they are not given money. You also think that you are doing a great job by giving them money and thus being generous in the eyes of god and society. But money is not the only reason that they are earning on the streets. It has been found that there have been gangs and groups who are employing these people to beg and they are not doing something useful for the society. Small children are being kidnapped and held closed in the doors till the time they are convinced to beg, people think that they are needing money but what they do not understand is that they are also doing their job and the ones who are employing them are not a good part of the society. But begging is the issue for the country where no one of us wants to put hands into because it feels bad. As soon as the street light is red, these beggars start asking for money and they do not stop begging until you do not give them some money. These beggars must be tackled in the way that they do not get money and you may give them something to eat or you can help them in the best way that you can without giving them any money. Money collected from these beggars are used in various other bad causes like drug trafficking, buying illegal weaponry and more bad causes. There was a case in Ahmedabad which clearly shows us that these beggars are employed by a gang and they were earning money in the name of begging, the money collected at the end of the day by all the beggars are distributed to the parents of small children who are begging and most of the percentage of money is kept by these gangs leaders for various destructive purposes. Although, begging is a crime in India but the government of India has not been able to take some serious actions on this issue till date. Beggar gang kingpin nabbed in Lonavala

People who are homeless and asking for money on roads are said to be more involved in drug abuse as this can be the main reason that they become homeless. One of the common experiments of getting to know what these beggars do with the money that they collect was conducted by a person and what he did was purchasing 4 gift cards of $25 each, collectively making $100 to donate. Once these cards were distributed to beggars they were tracked by the same person and it was found that $49 were used for buying cigarettes, $29 were used to buy food, $17 were used to buy liquor and $5 were not traceable. So, one thing is certain that the beggars are using this money for their recreation purposes and not helping themselves in doing something useful for their family. But today’s economy runs on the spending of money. Your spending is an income for some other person. The only benefit that you are providing to the society while giving money to the beggars is that the beggar uses this money to buy liquor and the owner of the liquor shop is making an earning by your money. Hence, it will increase jobs for people and the owner of the liquor shop has to employ more people so that they continue to run the shop and it doesn’t get closed.

Whether you are making less money, you must do some legitimate work but not beg for money as it turns out that more and more beggars are born everyday if you support begging. People ask for money in all the possible ways and this has grown to be a business rather than being a needy person who needs money for his living. Even a beggar has a monthly income of 8000–15000 which most of the educated people of India fail to earn which leads to suicides because these educated people do not want to beg for money and suffer unemployment. There have been many charitable organizations in operation who are helping these beggars in many ways and the money that you are giving to the beggars should not be continued to be serviced to them but this must be donated for a more generous cause as these organizations are working day and night for the betterment of the society. These organizations are trying to make more jobs vacancy for these beggars and help beggars till the time they stand on their feet and start earning their own money by doing their own work. This issue cannot be resolved by a single person and the state governments along with the central government are taking necessary steps to uplift the lifestyle of beggars so that they can live their life with the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter fulfilled. One of the organizations started in India for the betterment of beggars is named Atchayam Trust in Tamil Nadu. This is a non-governmental organization which runs on the mission of shaping the future by counselling, rehabilitating and carrying for the better life of panhandlers.

Conclusion: Poverty is prevalent everywhere in the world including India. You must be clearly aware about this problem of poverty and how can it stop the growth of society and economy. The people who suffer from poverty are compelled to start begging to cover their basic needs. These beggars must be made to understand and proper steps must be taken to make them literate about begging and the harms that begging can cause to the society. At last, I would like to say one thing “Stop giving money to the beggars” and serious laws must be made against the people who beg money.

You may also put your suggestions in the response section on how you can stop this occupation of begging to build a better future.



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