When you are embarrassed of being poor.

There are many views as you can see your life to be. People are rich and some people are poor. The value of life lies in the poor section of the society. Being poor is a sign of a miserable life. It does not matter how happy you are, if you are poor and do not have money, you are thrown away from society like you are good for nothing. Have you ever felt embarrassed because you are being judged on the amount of money that you possess? I believe that everyone has seen hard times in their life and many times people have been embarrassed because they didn’t have as much as other people do. What is your behaviour when you are embarrassed of being poor? You start getting poorer. You start neglecting your work, your moral and social duties and start segregating from others without anyone knowing the cause. It does not make you feel good letting people know that you are going through hard times as you’re unsure about getting over this period, so you do not care to talk. Today, being rich is the only means of happiness. You start overthinking about your friends, family and relatives. Escaping from your duties is not a good sign for humanism. In future, even if you get rich or get over your hard times, there will be no one left for your help and people will behave the same way as you because you never bothered to talk and some might think that it will not be correct if they meet you. The only poor that you can be is when you are left alone. Money does not play much part in being happy. It can come and go at any point in your life but when relations go away from you, it is not easy to recover them.

Another case of being poor is that you accept whole-heartedly that you will not be able to uplift your standard whatever the case might be. Suppose you ran out of your new business within six months and everyone around you did not care to ask you the reason, you start feeling embarrassed within no time that you accept is as a mistake and never try to start a new one. You start hesitating. You do not express your feelings to anyone howsoever close the other person is to you. Some of the people start to think that they were not made to earn money or become rich and in turn, stop themselves to do or accomplish anything. Hard work is the key to success and the flowers of your hard work will not blossom till the time you wait for it. The fruits take more time to come, so do not leave your patience and sit under the fan patiently for the sun to rise which will take you to your flight and ultimately, your destination. It is not necessary that poor people cannot do something big. Sometimes, great ideas come from the mind of people who have never thought of becoming lavish.

Conclusion: Being poor does not necessarily mean that you cannot be happy. If you are happy without money, start sharing your happiness between people as giving and caring is the ultimate key to receive.

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