What kind of a person you are?

There are many people with same kind of attitude in the world. Some of them match behaviour, some of them match qualities while some of them match the personality. There have been researches done regarding the functioning of the brain and regarding likes and dislikes of a person. How does these likes and dislikes arise in a person? How do you come to know that you have certain dislikes? You are brought up with a certain attitude since childhood and you come to be known as a person of various likes and dislikes through the environment you live in. Can you judge your likes and dislikes yourself? In this world of diversity, you have forgotten your likes because you are prone to work on someone else’s orders and instructions. You can judge yourself which kind of character you possess within you. Here are some of the traits of successful people:

1) Some people have qualities of living a life lavishly and care only about money. For them, money can do anything in their life and they always want money to support them. These kinds of people spend life according to their own wishes and do not have much dislikes as they have lot to spend. These people find money very powerful to make or destroy anyone.

2) Some people like education. These are the happiest of all the people as they do not push themselves into something which is not good for them. These kind of people choose their likes and dislikes on their own and contribute a helping hand to the society and people in need. Education is a precious gift to people and they do not ruin it in disliking people or things. It is very important for them to know things before diving in.

3) Many of the people like to do what is being taught by their parents. For them, respect of their parents is important and they do not think much before taking action on the teaching of their parents. Sometimes, these people get into fight with other people because they do not like what their parents do not like. Their likes and dislikes are the same as their parents. Parents should also learn to teach them all the good qualities so that they do not get into trouble.

4) Some people like playing sports. Nothing stands important to them when sports activities are at stake. These people do not have very much interest in money and they live a simple life of a sportsman. These are the people who have many dislikes as there is only one passion for them. They are always ready to neglect money for others who are in need. You should not consider these people poor as they are gentle and kind.

5) Some people are very fond of loving others. These people always have a soft corner for someone in their heart and are said to be helpless if someone hates them. These people are found to keep pets at their homes because of their loving nature. These people can be easily betrayed and people take many advantages from them. These people have very few dislikes and possess love for all.

6) Some people have a quality of travelling distant places. They are the ones who are handy in character and are said to have money. These people do not talk much to fellow beings and love to travel with ipods. These people have a very good quality of getting known. They do not start talking on their own but when get an introduction prove to become good friends. These people are also said to be soft hearted but intelligent.

7) Some people like gossiping to others. These are the people who are present in huge numbers and many of youngsters today are talkative. They are only good at making new friends and love at first sight. These kind of people dislike sports and are found heavy weighted. They have a good quality of making new friends but a bad quality of not caring much for themselves. These people are versatile in nature and can easily be used but their friendly nature and number of friends prevents them from being used.

8) Some people like playing games and they are distinguished learners. They are always very quiet and only have hobbies that allow them to play games. It is not be confused with sports as these people are hardcore indoor players and mostly prefer playing games on mobile phones and TV. These people are only known to be disliking travel. They have a natural tendency to sit and concentrate on their instinct of playing with regularly improving. These kind of people are secluded from public and can be found only on internet and social media.

9) Some people like worshipping and are said to be kind and intelligent. These kind of people dislike violence and stand for someone’s rights if the person is correct. They are always found to be soft spoken and revertible only to those who hates God. These people are also numerous in number and like Yoga, meditation and chanting “Hare Krishna” in the praise of Lord. These kind of people keep themselves separated from the outer world and cannot be easily cheated. While the God remains within their heart, they are really powerful people with the ability to turn the tables within no minute and are also said to be good motivators.

10) Some people like walking and remain in peace. These people are only said to dislike the crowd. They are always less intellectual and keep themselves covered from the outer space. These people are good thinkers and can be easily benefitted by their habit of walking. Sometimes, great ideas come from the mind of those people who do not think much and these are the same kind.

Conclusion: Likes and dislikes of a person are a part of your personality, so be a person whom everyone wants to see and talk. Inculcate all the good habits within you for a better tomorrow. Also, let me know which kind of person you would like to become.

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