What is your opinion on right direction?

If someone commits any wrong thing or makes a mistake with could not be overlooked, very often you must have heard people saying that he was not on the right direction. It takes a lot for anyone to be on the right direction. People take birth, grow up and then start to look around the world for their living. All kinds of people exists in this world, some are poor, some are rich, some are innocent while some of them are outlaws. You need to take the right track for your life in order to get success. Who is the one deciding which direction is correct and which one is not correct? People live a life which is meant for them. In my opinion, as soon as a child is born, parents start to look a bright future for him and they are the only ones who decide the right direction for their children. Everyone wants that their child should get more money and more respect in life which they did not receive rather you should take your child’s opinion while deciding the future.

This is what you can do. You can just inspire your child towards the best and you can leave the rest on them. No one has the ultimate power to decide the future and people try to impulse their decisions on their children. The right direction for anyone can be the one where he feels true to himself and tries to achieve respect on his own. The richer a person gets without any respect, the more he is prone to violence and bad things. A man can only be responsible for choosing his direction in life and it is just a duty of parents to make him feel safe that he was right in his choice.

I have a short story to share on this statement. There was an old lady living with her grandson in a cottage whose parents were dead in a car accident. The whole work of the boy was managed by the old lady. The son grew up and started to think about getting rich and soon he started to steal things from shops and houses. One day as he went to a shop to steal, he accidentally came across someone who was sleeping inside the shop because of the increase in the stealing activities in that area. As soon as the man grabbed his hand, the boy cut his throat and the man died. The boy ran away from that place and started to take people’s life for money in no time. One day on the occasion of Christmas he was returning home and in the way he saw a man stealing a lady’s belongings and killed her when she opposed. When he came near he noticed that the old lady was his own grandmother. He sat besides her with tears in his eyes and mourned the whole night for being so bad in life. No matter what direction you take in life, you need to be inspired and inspire others to do good in life so that good happens to you too. Maybe the boy was wrong in choosing his direction and he surrendered himself to police after realizing this. There is always someone looking upon us to see who is correct and who has chosen the wrong direction. Please comment on my newsletters if you agree that the parents are responsible for choosing their child’s right direction and if not, do let me know your opinion on getting to know the right track for anyone.

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