What goes around, comes around.

You must have listened to the song from Justin Timberlake. What does it really mean in your life? Do you believe in destiny? Do you think that the deeds that you have done will come in front of you unnoticed? Even since a child, a person performs many tasks and does many mistakes. You must have seen many things going around you and if you do not like those things you think that this must not happen with you. The things that you like the most you want to pursue those things and always want the same to happen to you. There are instances when you do something wrong and unknowingly you become a headache for some other person. It is only you who does all the things and you try to push your mistakes over someone because you know that this was not correct. No one wants to be incorrect in his or her own eyes.

You are just trying to chase everyone’s dreams from birth. You were born with nothing and when you came to this world you see that people are running for everything. You study hard to fulfil all the dreams that your parents have thought for you. it is nothing that you can do even if you do not like it. Your parents are responsible for shaping your future, they know much better than you know. Once you start growing up, you come to know about the ups and downs which can take you high or put you in a difficult situation. The situations are being created by you only and when you get stuck, you remember your parents. You think what would happen if my father or mother was doing the same thing. Various kinds of people dwell in this world and you cannot be like everyone. Some things are better for one while other things are better for anyone else. So, what makes you do all these things? Are these things making your destiny even if this is a mistake?

Once you start your own family, you start replicating things that have been done for you and in course of time, you learn to take care of your loved ones. The mistakes that you did in the past are automatically covered up but some mistakes are never to be forgotten and even your mind do not want to forget those things. In this case, you tend to get attract towards those things and make the same mistakes again. A farmer goes everyday to his farm and plant food for people. He has the same routine every day. No one is concerned about his life and his deeds. It is not to forget that you should do good in order to see good within you and others. There is no surety of anyone’s life, anything can happen anytime. The phrase “what goes around, comes around” simply means that if you do something wrong, the same is going to happen with you.

Always try to work for the better and do not let others see down because of you. in this way, you are creating a brighter future for you. There was a man who used to talk angrily with everyone he met and never bothered to know how does one feel with his attitude. He never knew that he was making a mistake all through his life. When he was married, he got to start his family and his wife was the same as he was in his childhood. She never wanted to talk nicely with her husband and never cared to know how he feels about it. He has been totally exhausted by what he did and do not even have the energy to ask his wife if she would ever talk to him nicely. He neither appreciated anyone and now he does not gets appreciated with anything that he does. He is always thinking about his children and the future that they hold. This phrase completely worked for him and he has come to know that it does not feels nice if you are not nice. He never cared about money and all his money is lost now. Every day is a day for great tension for him, he gets up in the morning and thinks that this day might change his destiny and he could get rich but without fighting and screwing up all the things he cannot go back to sleep. When things come around to you, you should take control over your speech and your behaviour, it can be his whole life he will be improving his mistakes and he does not know when his day would come so that he can also see the nice things which were happening to him. His efforts would be appreciated one day, this is one thing he knows.

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