Mar 12, 2021

5 min read
The problem of having too much money.

Too much money is bad.

Money is becoming a top-priority for every individual to achieve success in life. It has been a thinking in people’s minds that money can buy anything for you. If you are asked to get a wish, you would only ask for tons of money. As money has become so important in life, there are some pros and cons about money. We are discussing the cons of having too much money. When you think that you can achieve success in life only with money you may be correct but you forget the negative impact that it brings with itself.

1) Too much money is not good for your values: Once you start having money and you get it too much then you can deteriorate your values. Having too much money makes you to think that you are best and can do anything, in return you forget to respect others and only consider the amount of money that the other person has and even talk to the other person if he fits your income level.

2) Too much money is not good for health: Having too much money is not good for health also. You spend your long working hours on earning money and do not think about getting into some energy workouts or exercises which causes bad health. You also come under the false impression that having more money won’t let anything happen to you. Having too much money also reduces your thinking capability as you do not care about your eating and drinking habits. This can also reduce your energy level and can cause you to get in disorders related to health like high cholesterol.

3) Too much money is not good for consciousness: When you say that you are not conscious, you mean that you do not have any plan on what you are going to do next and do not think about your future and your mind is not wide awake to think about your best. Having too much money causes you to think less, thus, it does not let your mind do the right things and follow the right track even if you are fully aware about your thinking and belongings. A fully conscious mind can do wonders in your life and can help you earn more and more money and also support you in every respect, but it has to be taken care that you do not fall into the wrong track of smoking, drinking or other intoxication habits.

4) Too much money is not going to do good: This means that having too much money will make you dishonest and you will also start cheating and lying for money. Money attracts more money and this attraction towards money can sometimes cause you to not say truth and help others in case of need. This will also lead you to dishonor other’s feelings and you may start living a life of isolation which again causes your mind to think less and spend more.

5) Too much money causes you be away from your loved ones: When you have too much money, you think that you are going more into the direction of getting more and more, and you start missing the love that your friends and relatives might want from your side. For example, a lady loved her job when she was getting a salary of $60000/year and had everything in a loving family. As soon as she got a raise from the next job at $200000/year, she started spending more time in office neglecting her husband and children which caused her to lose her husband and children and she got divorced too. Hence, she had to lose everything that she had and even started hating her job.

6) Too much money can cultivate scare in you: Owning too much money can make you scare of losing it. Once you have too much money, you may always be thinking about it and the scare of losing it can let you stay at home, not investing it in the right things and not even in spending in the right way. Having too much money also allows you to spend it too much. When you start your new business and you have too much money with you, it is more likely that your business starts failing because you did not care about it and made wrong decisions and spent it all the way on the wrong things which were not needed to inculcated in your business.

7) Too much money can make you feel safe which is false: You know that money attracts money and if we can make a basic statistics about it, we come to know that eighty percent of the total money is in possession of twenty percent of the total population and the rest of the twenty percent of money is in the hands of eighty percent of the population. People with lots of money can precisely think about not having any kind of problems but those are the only ones who are facing all the sorts of problems in life.

Conclusion: Money is power and power is not limited. You need money in every aspect of your life. Money is like oxygen because you need money to live. Having too much money has many drawbacks but can a person stop earning just because of the fear that he is achieving more money in life. This is the dream of many people that they could afford more money and once you are living your dream, whatever comes to stop you, you would want the thing to vanish away from your life. In my opinion, too much money is not bad because it helps you to make your dreams come true and eventually, as you grow more money, you even start getting to know where to put the money so that it doubles or triples and even get to know where to spend it so that you can have the highest level of happiness once you give it to others.

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