The real power is in giving.

The value and power of sacrifice.

The value of sacrifice can only be measured if you are the one who is looking forward to make some sacrifices for someone. People have sacrificed a lot in the past for someone else’s happiness and good deeds. If one is looking to do something good and want us to sacrifice something for the sake of that good activity, we do not think much about sacrificing anything and do it without hesitation. Whether you sacrifice your time, money or energy every sacrifice that you make pays you in the end because it was yours only. So, saying no to sacrifices does not make you a good person or even saying yes to making sacrifices is also not supposed to make you a good person. Why sacrifice at all? Because we live in a society where people want to help others and we are bound to help others even if we do not want it so that the person who is in need shall also live happily. Sooner or later your sacrifice will pay you and if you’re lucky, you may get more than you sacrificed whether it be time, money or energy.

Everyone who has made a sacrifice must be knowing that it is hard sometimes to make sacrifices because even we want the same things that the others demand. If our sacrifice makes the other person feel good then why not sacrifice and knowing that the Supreme Lord has a watch upon all of us, we only need to sacrifice without much thinking about the future and keep on doing our tasks without expecting a fruitful result for the same. There is a perplexity in people’s mind that God does not take any steps to make our lives happier and easier but we forget that it was only his affection towards us which allows us to spend fresh and happy days in our lives. If you become sad by sacrificing something, it is not necessary for you to do so but if you think that the other person will be happier than you are by possessing it, you must definitely give away.

Sacrifices made in the story of Mahabharata. Dhratrastra sacrificed all of his sons in this battle.

The value and power of sacrifice can be seen from Mahabharata which says that Arjuna was not happy to fight with his own brothers but in the end, he sacrificed everything under God’s supervision which made him victorious among thousands of enemies who tried to take advantage of Arjuna’s innocence. We also know that the one who sacrifices in the name of God are the ones who have deep understanding in his name and are not expecting anything from him for making those sacrifices. Arjuna was about to leave the battlefield just because he thought that he did not want his empire back but the only thing that he did not remember was that he was sacrificing his own religion and Krishna was not in his favor to do the same. You may sacrifice any material possessions but sacrificing your own religion and when you know that injustice has been done on someone else’s part does not make you great in anyone’s eyes. The decision of Arjuna making a sacrifice for his own brothers and relatives led to Mahabharata which came to be known as the most essential Purana in the Hindu Vedas for studying because the real scarification is depicted of Arjuna in the battlefield. Even Lord Krishna sacrificed his son Abhimanyu in the battle of Kurukshetra and Mahabharata showed that there shall be no injustice done to women in the name of gambling nor the women power shall be considered less.

Arjuna’s sacrifications in the Mahabharata.

There are many stories depicted in India’s ancient history relating to sacrifice and God has himself bestowed his blessings upon those who do not think before sacrificing in the name of God. Everyone must read the great Indian literature Bhagavad Gita and must try to follow the footsteps of those who tried to imitate the footsteps of the Supreme Lord and became glorious ever after.

Conclusion: Sacrifice is a major step in someone’s life and making sacrifices is the path to attain happiness in the long run, so just keep on taking your steps forward leaving everything to the merciful so that the world comes to know you as a better person tomorrow.

Also, let me know about your sacrifices that you made to build a better society and nation in the response section below and if you liked the article share some claps for me.



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