The more you wish, the more you get confused. Is it correct?

I was working in a company where I was doing just fine with my job. I had several amusements to take care of me. I had my personal car, a good looking mobile phone and a handsome salary to give myself all the joys that I could wish for. I had a golden time and I was looking straight towards the long run where I could manage a team of some people working for me. I took a wrong turn in my life (thank god I was saved) and even did not get to know when did this happen and even my mind started to think that everyone was going fine. It was until the time that I left my job and started to get demotivated by anything and everything that I did. I even left the place where I used to live for my work and shifted back to my home where my live for life lost it’s way. I started to think that I have done everything in life and I do not need anything more and again I turned towards getting demotivated and left whatever I was doing. I soon ran out of money and even I could not join another company because all I had to do was wasting time thinking that I am a person of self respect and I cannot work for anyone. I do not came to know that my brothers and sisters started to avoid me just for the sake of not working and being lazy all day. Time did not wait for me and I was left behind. The things that I loved were also taking their way and I sold my car because I did not wanted to drive the old car that I had. There are ways that you can get disheartened and some of them striked through me as I was running a very high speed of life. My friends lost contact with me and I became all alone.

I got to know in a newspaper that there was a membership for an academy where they teach people new things. I took the membership and started to learn various tools of drawing. I was good at nothing and this was all that I was left with (to take someone’s help). Miracles happen is what I heard in my childhood but have never seen anything like this. There is no way that I can get out of new life which just sticks at nothing and I want to grow old like everybody else does. I want to do something in life and take care of things myself. There is only a few chances in life that you get to overcome whatever sorrow came across you and I do not think that I am upto the mark. I am not even doing an awesome job in my academy studies. Time is just running fast and my pace is not going to match with the time because whosoever I look upto has gone a long way and I am just a memory for everyone whom I knew.

I have always wished good for myself and never criticized anyone for being wrong. I have tried to keep everyone happy inspire of being disheartened but it is becoming a pain today because I have truly a long way to go in life and I am not doing anything to make it worth. Everyday I wish for something and at the end of the day see myself at the same place standing alone waiting for someone to appear from the dark and hold my hand to take to a path where I can hear that your wish has been fulfilled. Maybe, I am wrong my place wishing something new everyday and endless wishes has taken me nowhere but to think more and more about my past days.

The more I wish the more I get confused that someone will listen to my wishes and make them work. I cannot help myself now nor is there anyone who can I look upto. Is there anyone who wished for something and their wish came true at the time when you were wrong at your place? Please comment and let me know what did you do at that time. My life will pass while making things right and I believe that I will be correct at some point of time where I will also say that it was my good luck and my practice which made things right for me.

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