Short term sacrifice is necessary to achieve your goal.

Every one of you has some dream in life and each of you is thinking of achieving it. Once you are a grown up, you tend to follow the path of success which take you closer to your dream which you might have decided once you were a toddler. Some of you do not think of what you aspire to be and while graduating find difficulties in order to decide the future of one’s life. Goals are important and deciding what to become happens in the early stages of your life so that you do not have to be stressed or pressurized under anyone to decide your destiny. People have sacrificed a lot in the journey of becoming something who can benefit the nation and society. Short term sacrifices are very important in order to achieve your goals as goals are distant. Once you decide your goal, you follow it and do things which take you to the end. The end is not near, it is a long journey from beginning and you have to be a disciplined learner in order to achieve it. Your goals will always be long term and you must not stop in between the path because you will not get satisfaction for anything once you lose it. Making small sacrifices in order to be an achiever is not a bad task. For example, you have decided to become a doctor and you start preparing for the entrance examinations after your secondary classes are over. There will be lots of pleasure which will come your way diverting you towards the easy life and instant happiness. Sacrificing these small pleasures will take you towards your dreams and you will become a doctor. You have always been listening to your elders that “Slow and steady wins the race” and “Practice makes a man perfect.” These are phrases which have been in use since many years and people have discovered success in their lives by following these phrases.

Another example can be to get a good body which is difficult and you need to be silent and disciplined learner for getting a perfect shape and body. Taking short routes to get a shape like supplements will not be a good plan since there can be many reactions within your body which can harm your health. These things must be done in front of a practitioner but taking a long route and sacrificing about the idea of taking supplements breeds much energy within you to gain and make you popular. It’s better to take a highway rather than taking small roads to reach your destination because it saves most of your power and supply and takes just few minutes to reach the goal. It may be long but it is always better. In early days, the saints used to sit in tapasya for many years so that they can get their wishes fulfilled by God. They always preferred waiting for long years to get their wishes granted rather than accepting short term goals of stealing and killing other people for power and money which is illegal. Making small sacrifices always gives you energy to gain the best within yourself and long distant goals always keeps you moving. Being rich is not easy for anyone and you have to wait for long time to be a rich man but ultimately, you have something in your hands which you can share with others. Even in my belief, “There are no shortcuts in life.”

Conclusion: It’s good to be late than never. Losing your hopes is the biggest crash that anyone can get in one’s life, so always think big and follow the path even if you have to make small sacrifices in this trip.

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