Robin Sharma — A motivational writer (Part 2)

Some of the summaries are mentioned in the part 1 of the blog. Now, I am referring to some of the more books that I read about Robin Sharma. To start, Robin Sharma has been in my mind, body and character for over a year and a half now. I’ve been greatly influenced by these books written by him, To start with, the names of the books that I have mentioned in my earlier blog were:

There are some of the books that I did not mention in the last article, which are mentioned in the below section.

7) The Greatness Guide: This book is written on the objective of realizing the genius within you and optimizing your life. It has been mentioned that your life is your best friend and you are responsible to shape your future. You have to work and think to make the best use of your living. Some steps to be followed and become a wise man. Optimize means to make the best effective use of a situation or a resource. Likewise, making your life most efficient one is explained in various chapters of this book. Some good captions are mentioned in the book for example, “Ordinary people don’t spend much time on the extra mile. But who ever said you were ordinary?” “Human beings move when their emotions are moved.” “No one wants to fail. So most of us don’t even try.” Whatever profession you’re into, Robin Sharma has something to say to everyone and this is well written and easily explained in this book.

8) The Greatness Guide 2: This is the second greatness guide which enables you to maximize your dreams and become a legend. Your life has given you many gifts like your voice, your ears and your eyes. You can altogether make the best use of these gifts. Having a good voice by practicing daily can make you a good singer and ultimately a legend for example, Kishore Kumar. This book tells about learning from your own mistakes, not to be broken when you are left alone, being and simple. If you keep your eyes open, you can see wonder happen which do not happen with you daily. Open ears can make you smile by listening to songs and you become accustomed to hear the impossible, possible.

9) Discover your destiny from the Monk who sold his Ferrari: This book is dedicated to “fellow seekers, those brave souls who exercise the courage to leave the crowd and find their way home to a place called authenticity.” The one who seek can find anything that they want and this is the main objective to be spread with the help of this book. This book tells about self-awakening and that no one can help you if you do not want to help yourself. The topic I found good and useful for the readers is — 7 stages of self-awakening.

a) Living a lie (the stage of self-betrayal)

b) The choicepoint (The stage of realizing control and breaking your chains)

c) Awareness of wonder and possibility (The stage of seeing with new eyes)

d) Instruction from Masters (The stage of Learning, failing and preparation)

e) Transformation and Rebirth (The stage of Emptying and Refilling)

f) The Trial (The stage of testing and confirmation)

g) The Great Awakening of Self (The stage of fearlessness)

10) The Mastery Manual: This book by Robin Sharma includes a life changing guide for personal and professional greatness. Many inspirational quotes from different authors, business man, inventors, ministers are represented in this book which try to motivate the reader in all possible ways in his life. Some steps to life mastery are mentioned in this book:-

a) 5 O’clock club: Get up early in the morning.

b) 15 minutes planning and creating a template for the day.

c) Read some literature for 30 minutes in the morning.

d) Exercise 30 minutes daily.

e) End your day reflecting your days’ success (or failures).

11) Megaliving from the Monk who sold his Ferrari: This book refers to your mind, body and character and your ways to make them fresh and fit to work everyday. Some simple exercises and diet plans are mentioned in the book for a mega-living. Be positive, look good, dress good.

12) The Little Black Book for stunning success: This book explained the reality of life in simple words and includes a journal where you can write about your gratefulness, your plan to pursue things and your learnings. This book has around 70 small chapters and give you all the possibilities of life for example, being soft, to act wisely, focus to win, less talk-more do, no pain no gain etc.

13) The Secret Letters from the Monk who sold his Ferrari: The life changing book which says all about the secrets of life in the form of letters written by a sage to give the enlightenment to the reader. There are 9 letters in the book which represents which are represented by 9 valuable things and give your values importance in life. This book says all about values and how to preserve them.

These are the summaries of all the Robin Sharma’s books that I have read and I found this writer really interesting and motivating. You may also buy some copies and try to read if you found anything important in this article reflecting on your life.

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