Practice, practice, practice.

Everyone has a certain point of view. Some think that you can become a successful person if you have a good educational qualification and some think that if you have money you can have anything in life that you dream of. All of these things are correct in a sense. It has been noted that the people who have theoretical knowledge and many educational degrees are not found to be good if they are asked to do something practical because it takes more effort for doing something practically. For being practical, you should practice those things first. Even if you want to explain something in a proper way, the best way is to practice it first. This will make you remember those things for a long time and you will also be able explain those things in a better way.

Money is also a commodity which can make you happy for a short duration of time. But true happiness does not come with money. People fall for materialistic things and after a certain of time those things become boring as new things evolve in the market. And money can only buy things it cannot make you do things. So, what is the real way to be happy in life? Even if you do not have a degree and you are not rich enough to buy all the materialistic things, you can find real happiness in practicing a skill. It is not necessary that you have to be educated, you can just start learning a particular skill and practice it for many days so that you become perfect. At first, you will not necessarily like practicing and sometimes your mind will not be able to concentrate on what you practice but eventually you will find that your mind and body start behaving in a pattern which best suits your skills to be achieved. It has been rightly said that if you want to master any skill you need to devote your 10,000 hours in that skill and rest is not to mention. So, just practice, practice and practice.

You will find new paths opening in front of you once you start practicing and the best way to get noted is to get devoted. You will definitely be distracted in your journey but that is where the real fun lies. If you give up, you can put all the blame on your fate but if you succeed it will all be your talent. One thing to remember is that fate cannot be taken from you by anyone, it is a gift. Do not be afraid and give your best in making this journey a successful one who those who love you and care for you. A way to achieve success is to ask if you have any doubt. Some people hesitate to ask questions even if they do not understand. Once you have clarity in your mind you can walk alone for miles. Another way is to always move ahead and not to look back. People will surely be left behind, your loved ones can leave you for some reasons but if you are committed and practice your skills, you will reach the goal. No man has ever achieved anything if he does not practice anything. There is nothing to lose and a lot to achieve in life, so do not leave anything and once you achieve, people follow you, not leave you and those who got left will also be walking behind to chase you.

Some people have a perception that they cam jump ladders to achieve mastery. But this not to forget that haste makes waste. Taking a slow path might consume more time but will provide better results.

Conclusion: Practice makes a man perfect and real happiness lies in practicing.

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