Money and morality.

Money is the part of life which is needed if you want to live a happy and successful life. Without money, there can be no success as many say that money is the only key to success. Hard work is said to be the key to success but hard work also pays you in the form of money. If you are working for someone or starting your own business, you are supposed to have an initial capital investment which is again not so less. So, money is the only cause with which you can gain success in your life and you have to have a larger amount. After setting up business, you have to contribute all your thoughts and pain in the business which pays you off with better results. When it comes to money, people start thinking about things which they have never thought as earning money is not easy and you have to be extra working so that it can be a fruitive activity. It has been found that money is the cause of people getting separated, fights in houses, people not behaving in a proper manner and many other negative things. If you are having more money, you are supposed to be more ignorant about your relationships and habits.

When it comes to morality, people lose all their powers of morality when it comes to earning money. All other things stop manifesting in your body when you are eager to earn money. There have been people who are not even concerned about their wife and children when they have more money. Once you have money, you start to think only about yourself and follow the steps of a person who is brutal in nature. There can be no help from your side because you fall in the habit of smoking and drinking and even start taking drugs in the madness of money. People who have been the cause of such intoxications can be even good or bad. You must always learn to behave in a good manner even if you are rich and you must start taking care of the people who come to you for help. If you are a helping person, people will always remember you in good books and will be able to give you attention if someday, you become helpless for anything. You should develop a feeling of love and passion towards life as you only think about money and lose interest in your life if you are rich and making progress and this is not something which is artificial, this becomes a natural process. Moreover, you must also remember every phase of your life which you have faced or encountered when you were poor and needed money as it will also improve your habit of being a morally good person.

In terms of definition, morality is defined as principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. There have been no people who are good in their senses and everyone has only the greed for having money in today’s world. I have seen people who are when being asked about a wish from God only want money. It is not that money is bad or having money is a bad thing but the reciprocations of money can lead you to be a cruel person.

Conclusion: Money and morality are inversely proportion to one another as it is a fact that you become less moral person when you have more money and you become more moral when you have less money. You must always be morally strong and in orderly senses to live a happy life as being biased to someone does not do any good to you and others.

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