Keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Everyone has got some friends and some enemies. There are many memorable moments with both which are not easy to forget. You earn respect and lose respect in this course of life with your friends and enemies. Even small fights with your friends can cause problems and result in becoming enemies. There have been many instances when people who are good friends stop talking to each other. You have to be kind enough not to start fights and keep in touch with old friends whom you might have forgotten because of various reasons. If you do not like something which your friend might say to you accidentally, you should forgive them because enemies can prove to be harmful in the long run. In this blog, I am sharing my opinion on the topic.

Friends are an important part of everyone’s life. They are the only people whom you can be shameless and terrible with and with whom you can share anything personal or professional. A good friend will always be with you when you are in need even if it is your career or family, so it is important to be in touch with your friends on phone or any other social media platforms. You tend to make friends with those people who share similar interests as yours. So, keeping friends close will be extremely beneficial for you. You should also keep your enemies closer because your enemies make you learn new things in life. If you do not have any enemy then you will not be overlooked and you will not be pushed forward in life because of the same reason. Your friends will support you but your enemies will be the reason for chasing their support. You do not become enemies with anyone in a single moment. Your enemies were, at some point of time your acquaintances or even your friends. Keep your enemies closer so that you are not the only one facing problems in life, if this is problematic for you then the same is going to happen with your enemies too. Also, a feeling of bitterness for someone might be a cause of innovation. There would have been some work which you were not doing but just because your worst enemy did the same work, you might end up doing that work easily and quickly than him which can certainly allow your enemy to think of doing the same work in new ways and breeds innovation in both of you.

For example, two friends were trying to start a carpool business and wanted to hire taxies who could be fit for this task. For some reason, the two of them got stuck and broke with each other as their families did not appreciate their friendship quite much. Even after convincing, nothing worked out with them and soon they stopped talking to each other. One of the friends still managed to start the business alone without taking any permission or advice from the second one as it was a collaborative idea. This did not turned out good and the other friend was disheartened with this behavior. The other friend worked hard and opened a business with very optimal prices compared to the other one. Even if they were friends, it looked like they both became enemies. The first one had to face several losses in business and ended up closing it. As a solution to this problem, the first one could have tried to negotiate with the other one in terms of rent fixing or separating the locations of the taxis going around in the city. This is why keeping your enemies closer is also important. An example of keeping friends close is that a boy wanted to marry a girl but they two parted because they had a fight and the girl got married to someone else. The boy was shattered by this and got depressed. He left his job and wanted to just go away from everyone. He was not even able to tell his family about this incident because he was still waiting to get approval from his family for the marriage and had not disclosed anything till that time. Luckily, his friend took him to his apartment and he started to look over the boy and tried to make him happy. After some days, the boy was emotionally healed and carried on with his life happily. So, keep your friends close.

A small advice to everyone about keeping friends close is to keep your social media close to your friends – Its easy to lose touch with old friends from social media, but its important to keep in touch with those who matter. Make sure to schedule time each week to check in with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Lets make sure our social circle stays close by spending more time together and my advice on keeping enemies closer is to take part in all the events where you can approach them and let it be a healthy relationship. A healthy competition amongst enemies is important for new things to take birth. Approach them in one or the other ways and on days when this bitterness does not gets spread more like holidays, festivals and celebrations.

As a child, I had two friends whom I knew in school as we studied together. In my exams, I tried to wish luck to both of them but in response they tried to bully me as if I did not know anything and their attitude was like if they were trying to harm my feelings. I hastily controlled my emotions and did not step back from my friendship, I went close to them and visited their homes quite often. Soon, one of them became my good friend helping me in every way possible. We did not share the same bond of love for each other after that but I kept my enemy closer to me so that I could get motivated by his work. I used to talk to him daily and always tried to copy what he did so that I could also learn some lessons from him.

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