Is there any way to get started?

Have you ever been pulled backwards jn life? In other words, have you ever been ditched by life? I had an instance a few years ago in this regard. I was working in a reputed company with a good salary package and things were just fine with me. There was no time in my life when I had to feel bad or repent about anything. I had some good friends with me and all of us were sailing on the same boat. This is just a short story which I am sharing with my audience so that they can also start from fresh if anyhow, they feel that things are not moving according to their choice. I felt that yoga and meditation played a very vital role in shaping my good days once again. I had to constantly remember my days when I was working well and suddenly, things collapsed at the stage where I should have got a good promotion and hike. I felt that meditation is just to think something different out of the box. I remembered the days when I was a child and many of my friends played without any worries or frustration.

Actually, I was hit by a massive health issue because of which I had to leave my second home and return to my parents. Slowly, I started to get hold of my health with the help of medicines and exercises. With time, I started to study books and strolled in the nearby parks for my well-being. It was unbelievable that things started to sort out in my life and my worries started to slowly vanish and happiness held their place in my life. I was happy again and I told my parents about it. They knew something had happened but I did not wanted to disclose anything to them and after I did, I had to take long lectures from my parents for being a careless son. At last, I got an answer to my question that there is certainly a way to get started again. It reminded of the quote in just a few milliseconds that there is always a way if there is a will. I am now concentrated towards working on my job and living. I happen to meet some gentleman who offered me a job and I accepted the offer stating that it would take some weeks for me to get started.

There is always someone who keep you in mind whether knowingly or unknowingly. You have to give time to yourself without which you can feel that you have shattered. Take time to realize your thoughts and move in direction where your mind takes you. You might certainly feel that you took a wrong way but with practice and time, everything can be under your control. Become a leader of your thoughts. One more important thing that you need to keep in mind is patience. Never lose your temper for anyone because you will always be the victim.

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