How does money bring happiness in your life?

When we think about money we think about a big bungalow, a luxury car and various things kept in the house which look attractive, but in real world this is not possible for everyone. The people who are rich are getting richer day by day and the poor are getting poorer day by day. The people with less money do think that if they had more, they could have bought some more things for themselves and their loved ones and ultimately, made their life happier. Yes, money in real is paper but to live your life you must have income and a stability in your work and hence, to have money. People who are poor and happy can be happy by their own choice but the people who are wealthy and happy are living their lives more easily.

Our goal in life is to be happy and money helps a lot to achieve this goal. Money cannot bring you true happiness but you can buy certain things which make you feel happy. If I have money and I want to go for a workout in the gymnasium, which keeps me happy because I am in a good shape and mood, I would easily pay my advance fees to the instructor and would not think much about the expense that it would give me because I have enough money to bear the cost of gym. And, suppose I am not having money or less money, I will cut down my budget and I will not join the gym which is supposed to give me happiness. In the same way, once I think about purchasing a car, I will go and buy a beautiful car with automatic transmission for myself if I am living a wealthy life than to think about it a hundreds of time if I am leading a life of misery. If I am planning to buy a new bike, I can directly go to the Royal Enfield showroom and ask for a bike which can bring happiness to my life as I have passion for driving.

Giving happiness to others also makes you happy, so giving someone a helping hand in case of need is said to give you hapiness in return. There has been a lot of charity made in the states, just to make someone’s life happy and also make our life happier. You being a wealthy person, must always keep your hands wide open if someone has a need for money or charity, which would pay you fruitful results.

Spending your money on trips and vacations will also bring happiness to your life as there are a lot of wonderful things to see around the world which makes you happy. So, having money does not make your life happier but spending it in the right way and knowing where to spend, is how money can bring happiness to your life.

Time is a big factor in which you can also imagine money matters. People who tend to do some useful task at the correct time are also said to be possessing money. Whenever you do not perform a task assigned to you or you make a mistake, you slip away from what you are destined to be. People running their own business enjoy their lives but they also do some work which help them to take control of their time. They do not waste their time in doing things which do give them desired results. As it is said, “You need to value your time as you value your money”, so by stop wasting your time you can do more in your life which offer you more money.

Money can bring you happiness with materialistic things but true happiness is said to be possessing you when you have a deep and loving relationship, when a mother gives a birth to a child, which is said to be eternal. In today’s world, we have everything purchased with the help of money making it an important aspect of your life. Along with happiness, money can buy you tension too. We are happy if we have sufficient amount of money for example, if we have an annual income of 6–7 lakhs but once this income increases, it no longer gives happiness and people start being greedy and ask for more, thus missing the joys of life.

This can be a debate topic as there will be many people supporting and against money bringing happiness to life. Some people may think that money is the only thing which can make you feel happier as the ultimate goal for everyone is to have money and be happy, and some people might include some more things for making them happy and can decimate money as the only goal for being happy.

Conclusion: The driving force in life is money because money can bring you happiness once you spend it in the right way and it being not the only source of bringing happiness but has become a necessary source of living your life happily.

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