How does cruelty breeds in oneself?

Have you ever got a chance to study human psychology? How can you judge a person within a few days when you do not have any idea about his/her background or even the family? People seem to be so calm and subtle at the first place and a sense of love prevails in your heart for the person when you do not know whether the other person is feeling the same for you. Being cruel is not good for any element of the society. People trust each other because they know that you can only live a successful and peaceful life or for that matter, a good life when you are trustworthy whilst people take advantage of other people for their personal benefits. I have been writing on Medium for some time now and recently I came to know about a true story that happened to someone known to me. I would not really relate her as a known person because she belongs to a far place and lives for her living in my area but the mishappening happened to her niece was shocking to know.

The girl recently got married to a young boy and after 3 months of marriage, the boy went away for earning money because there was a shortage of jobs in that place and she noticed that her husband did not call or take any note of her. After he went away, she was left alone in the house with her in-laws. It was some time that she was noticing that the husband is not talking to her on phone and anyone in the house. She kept trying to talk to him but all in vain. She was just informed that everything is good at his end in weeks. After due course of time, the family started hating her as there was no money sent by her husband and even the family members stopped talking to her. One day, due to the lack of money her in-laws thought that they can take all the money from her and did the same by taking all the jewelry that she carried with her at the time of marriage and choked her to death so that she cannot inform this to anyone. Everything happened in the absence of her husband and the girl lost her life just because of a little carelessness of her husband.

I was astonished to know this and condoled her for some time. I know what happened has happened and life has to move on. Later that evening, I was wondering how does cruelty has taken everyone into its shade and all that is left to do is to move on and on with life without knowing where to stop. It takes a lot for anyone to let her loved one go. Have you ever come across any similar incident in your life and how did you react after listening the story? I have also been living alone for many days and felt broken up because of my health issues and this incident moved me.

It is not that you should treat everyone as same and there are still pure souls living amongst us. All you need to do is trust yourself and take a path which leads to your destiny. Everyone has to die one day and this is the ultimate truth because your home belongs there only whether you accept it now or later. You should also learn to say no when you feel that things are not right. The more the person is humble and soft, the more he/she is been tried to suppress because people know that he/she can stretch beyond the abilities just so that you can be at a safe side. Arguably, people always try to suppress the suppressed but there is a time for everyone and saying no is the last choice. If the young girl could have confronted her in-laws and her husband at the first place she could have been alive today but she might have chosen to stretch herself beyond her limits because of her family’s happiness as she even got beaten up several times but never protested. Her heirs are not well now and they need to be taken care as soon as possible.

I would like all of you to read, comment and share this story so that people can become aware and not lose their life as she did.



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