How do I avoid credit cards?

3 min readOct 15, 2021


Plastic money, or credit cards are a way of taking money as a loan from banks. Credit cards are introduced so that you do not keep cash in your pocket and you can spend as much you want and any way you want. You do not have to think much while spending if you are using a credit card. You can just go to a shopping mall, get the credit card swiped and purchase any item that you like. In order to use a credit card, you need to apply for it in your bank. But is the credit card easy to keep and use? You need to check few things before taking a credit card such as your spending ability and your credit limit. When a credit card is issued to you, it comes with a minimum balance that you can spend within a month. You should keep your spending limit within the credit limit if you want to use the card again. There are many people who think that credit card should not be used as this creates a burden on the owner. It allows you to spend money early and pay it later which disturbs your monthly cycle of spending and there is a possibility of over-expenditure. A lot of people are under the debt of their credit cards. You might spend in case you need but while paying it is not necessary that you are left with cash amount at the end of each month. Even I had a credit card and felt that it must not be used as there is no limit of spending and your debt goes on increasing month after month.

Here are five things that you can do to avoid credit cards:

  1. Make a monthly budget for your spending: Creating a monthly estimate of your spending allows you to be in limit and you do not have to think much about over-spending or taking a credit card. If you have a fair estimate of things that you are going to use within one month, you may easily charge off your credit card.
  2. Pay in cash: It is always advisable to pay money in cash as you see how much are you paying and what you are paying for. The importance of money can only be realized once you pay in cash. There are goods and commodities of various kinds that you suddenly buy if you are using a credit card because you found them attractive. You must pay attention to your expense and only take a step of purchasing something in case it is necessary.
  3. Keep cash in your pocket instead of credit card: There is a misconception in people that keeping cash in pocket is not good or useful. You can easily get looted by someone or if you keep more cash you tend to spend much which is not at all true. Keeping money in cash allows to take advantage of spending less as you might need cash anywhere else.
  4. You should take control on yourself: There are lots of sales calls and advertisements publishing a credit card for you for no extra money. You just need to fill the initial documents and the credit card is delivered at your doorstep. You must take your own control not to get a credit card published in your name.
  5. Stop wasting money: Even if you rich enough to waste money, you must stop doing so and think about the ones who are not able to have 3 times of meal in a day. You can donate generously to such people or can take someone for a lunch if you think that the ones are needy. If you make a call that you are not going to waste money on unnecessary things, you will stop over-expense and automatically you will stop using your credit card. Living a debt free life is a best way of living a happy life.

Conclusion: You will feel yourself lucky if you are not using a credit card as it is just a tension which comes in your life every month. You will have one less thing to think about if you are not using a credit card.

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