Bata shoes.

How did the Bata shoe company start?

As you all know that the one who has lived fully and independently faces success more as compared to the people who are living a normal life. Sometimes it might have happened to you that you started a success story but you were not able complete the story because there are many difficulties in the way of success. There are lot of things in daily life that you use but do not notice how it started and what is the background of these things. This is a success story of a brand which is wore in the legs and you do not care much about it. This is a brand named Bata and it was started by a labor and once he started it, he did not look back in his entire life. Bata is the world’s biggest company in shoe making till date. It was all possible by the hard work, diligence and thinking of a person, Tomas Bata who was born in the year 1876 and started making shoes with the company name Bata in the year 1894. He was living in Czechoslovakia when the company started and Tomas took the help of his brother Antonin and sister Anna and hired a team of 10 employees to work for the company. However, shoe making was their family business for more than 300 years but Tomas took the privilege to start the first company on such a large scale. The struggle for Tomas started when, after starting the company he needed more money the following year. In spite of making leather shoes, Tomas started making canvas shoes and this came to be a revolution for the company and the sale of the Bata company started increasing.

In 1904, Tomas Bata had a good profit margin in the company and he went to United States of America for the company’s publicity where he learned to manufacture the shoes in a large number with the help of machines, which turned out to be a positive point for the company. He started making shoes on a large scale and introduced a shoe named Batovsky for the employees working in the offices and this shoe gained popularity because of its simplicity, style and light-weight. After some time, his brother Antonin died and his sister Anna also left his business after getting married but he continued to manufacture shoes with the help of his younger brothers and till the year 1912 came, he had a number of 600 employees working for him in the company. When World War 1 started in the year 1914 which continued till the year 1918, he got his biggest order of manufacturing shoes for the German army as he was famous in the shoe companies. For completing such an order, he hired 10 times the number of employees who were working in the company and when the war was over, the company started to face losses as there was not much work left for the employees but Tomas did not give up and took a risky decision for all his employees and his company. He offered a 50% off on all his products and the company employees also favored him by lessening down their salaries by 40% which proved to be a great team work and the company started making profits again. This company had its headquarters in Switzerland an d opened showrooms in more than 70 countries including USA, Germany and Italy.

In the year 1932, the rich man Tomas Bata died in a plane crash leaving all his inheritance behind but people have learned very much from him by this success story.

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