Happy 2023.

Every year is like the previous year. Days come and go like they were meant to. People start their new year with a positive attitude and new resolutions. But, somehow every year becomes special. We meet new people, lose some of the old ones and make new friends who are always besides to make the year more special. Starting with winter, the new year brings utmost energy and curiosity of things that are going to happen. Working people wait for increase in salary, new promotions and even better jobs. Household people wait for something great to come in their homes such as new business. Since, everyone waits for something good to happen, the same wave runs in women too.

Last two years have been disturbing for everyone because of the pandemic. The schools were closed and children studied online which caused many schools to shut down and many teachers left their jobs. Corona virus has again started to spread its arms in the world and China has been suffering badly nowadays. It has been a while that people are going through this hard time, so they must keep safety of their families. In this time, it is difficult for people to be happy but the aura of the new year brings happiness and joy in everyone’s heart.

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