Did you ever believe in fairy tales?

I have been writing on Medium from a long time and I lost touch in writing because I was lost in my world of gods and demons. I also remembered fairy tales as how these fairies came on earth to give anything a person wished for. This is a practical world and those who know the meaning of practicality can only see what’s going on at the other end. Numerous people have told me the same story of fairies and earlier, as in my childhood, I kept looking at those faces feeling every sentence said by them and thinking that one day this all will become true for me also. Now is the time that I remembered my old days and my memories about those fairies. You should have also heard about the beasts that came with those fairies to demolish and kidnap them. I thought that I can also be the one who can win over those devils and protect those fairies which are meant to fulfil every single wish that we make.

Every day I grew up and started to lose my memories and those stories, I do not even know how those fairies look like and even if they did visit me, how would I have been able to recognize them? It is not that my wishes did not get fulfilled and I could have asked for something which cannot be given, but I just wanted that one of my wishes could have been fulfilled. There are lots of reasons why I kept forgetting and kept asking for more.

Conclusion: The tales were true once for me, for you and for everyone. It is just that you are disheartened within yourself to see the real charisma of the almighty and things that have been nurtured to us by him. Open your eyes to live in the present and be the one who gets the wishes fulfilled.



I am a person who loves to write.

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