Are you willing to face the truth of life?

Have you ever wondered that all the things happening around you are only meant for you? Have you ever done wrong with someone who has always been thinking of your goodwill? Did you take advantage of your friends? Is yes, then you are not ready to face the truth of life. We all want to run away from difficult times. We want that the things happening around us should be good and should make us feel happy. You have done your part of doing what you could do and now it’s the moment and life which turns to you to reciprocate towards you what seeds you have sown in your life. It is well said that the most expensive thing in life is time. You can have all the things in life sooner or later but the time which is gone can never come back to you neither you can make those things correct which you have done wrong in the past.

Your activities decide your call of action. You must be joking with your friends and unknowingly you might have come across something which was good for you and not good for your loved ones and you did those things at that time because you were happy. You should always try to think twice before you take any action because it will come back to you in your life but you might not necessarily like them and this is the truth of life. You can run away from those people, from those places but where can you run from your life? It is the only thing that will remain with you till you grow old and die.

So, is it possible that you can run away from your mistakes which you have done? You will surely repent for your mistakes and this is the hard truth of life. Some people cannot take the burden of overcoming their mistakes and this is the final words for them that they give up. Is it the solution to your problems? No, this can never be a solution. In your school days, you had to spent so much time in finding a solution to the questions that were given to you, studied 7–8 hours in school, then spent 1–2 hours on tuition to find the solutions. So, how can giving up which is the easiest thing you can do be a solution of something wrong which you have done? The truths are always hard to know and it feels that the whole world has collapsed in front of you just so that you could know a single truth. Take an example of a person who could not see anything. He had a strong belief in God and he prayed everyday that he will start seeing and will no more be a blind person some day. With the course of time, he became so angry that he started to curse God for not making him a normal person who could do everything just like others do. One day, God came in his thoughts and said that if you curse me so much I shall give your eyes back but you will never be able to see me after that day. He agreed and later he got to know that there was someone his long distant relationship who wanted to make him operate and give him a life of a normal human being. He got operated and when asked what is the first thing that he wanted to see which he replied that he wanted to see God which was never possible for him. The hard truth that he got to know was that he should not have cursed God because what happens is all a part of your wisdom. The whole world just collapsed when he got to know that there was a 10 days of curfew in the city and the people could not take him to any temple or any place of worship for the next 10 days and the only relative that he was left with got a panic attack after which he could no longer survive.

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