India does not have a comprehensive law on corruption and we have certain practices to stop corruption. Corruption can be defined as unlawful attainment of money to give the power to someone which he/she does not inherits. There is not a single definition for corruption, hence it can be defined as illegal or dishonest behavior especially by powerful people. If you want to clearly understand the phenomenon, let us take an example which happen to us in our daily lives. I am not interested in drinking milk and my mother does want me to drink milk everyday. Now in school, I fought with some guy and my mother was noticed about it on phone, the principal did tell my mother that the other child was found faulty and he was stealing from my geometry box but I did not want this conversation to reach to my father’s ears. So, my mother asked me to drink milk daily and she would not tell anything to my father. She was inherited some power due to some other’s faults and wanted to me to take control of the power in my hands and also, paid me a handsome gift for the same. This is a very common example which we face in our homes, and hence, we can say that corruption starts at our home. You all are familiar of the word corruption and can derive the statistics about how many people can be found corrupted in our country, the answer will be everyone is corrupted. The need for money and the ways to earn easy money makes a person corrupted.

10 ways to stop corruption:

  • Bribery is just one form of corruption among many, people especially the poor get hurt when resources are wasted: Taking and giving bribe is an example of corruption and this happens in every part of the country within the people and government. Even the private sector are corrupted and the public sector also takes bribe to regulate laws in favor of the people who are offering bribes. You must not forget the fact that the rich people are less concerned about the happenings in a poor family. The poor is the one who is always affected when it comes to wasting our resources as they are not able to get even the essential amount of resources to live their lives and wasting on something like bribes can cut short their wages.
  • Create the power of the people, create pathways that give citizens relevant tools to engage and participate in their governments trying to identify priorities and problems and find solutions: It is the people of the nation who must be aware about the laws and practices mentioned in the Indian Constitution to stop corruption and must take necessary actions to stop this practice. As I said that it is something which starts at our home, you must be educated and well informed as to why the corruption practices must be stopped and people are given equal importance in the society. If someone is asking for money which you think can be useless to pay because you think that your neighbor got the same work done in some less amount of money and the person you are facing does not seem to be a wise man asking for more, you may also question about the same to senior authorities and get the information on where did you spend your money.
  • Cut the red tape, bring together formal informal process to change behavior and monitor progress: The fear that you have in your minds and hearts for injustice should be removed permanently if you want to achieve greatness and success in our lives. Sometimes, you do not inquire out of the fear that if you face the reality and ask for queries, you might get in the wrong hands. You must bring together the formal and informal behavior and ask about where the money is going so that you also become aware and self-awareness brings clarity to you. If you are fearful/shy from asking questions then you might become a part of the corrupt practice and after sometime you will be reluctant about the topic of corruption and let the movement happen even if you know that the country is going in the wrong direction.
  • It’s not 1999, use the power of technology to build dynamic and continuous exchanges between government, citizens and business, civil society, media and academics: It is not the old era you are living in. Since 1999, the technology was not improved and you were lacking awareness in private and public sectors. You also thought that the media does not support us or can damage our reputations if you come across government officials in media where you think that you are not educated well enough to think about the nation. Today, India also has improved technology and you can get any information with a single click on your mobile phone and can vote for good or bad. So, you need to keep yourselves educated about the topics that your nation is dealing on.
  • Services to people, deliver the goods between people and government: There must be no gap in the working of business and a fair understanding needs to be developed between people, businessmen and government once you do business and the goods and services must be delivered timely without any middle power involved in the same. As the constitution says that the services are for the people, by the people and it is the same constitution which wants the entire nation to be anti-corrupt.
  • Get incentives right, align anti-corruption measures with market, behavioral and social forces: You must be working hard and fair if you want the incentives to come. Your behavior must be supporting and not involved in any kind of illegal activities. Once you starts supporting the nation to curb the practice of corruption you will start feeling proud about the things that you are doing and people will also start supporting you one day. You must not get under the impression that you alone will not be able to bring the change. Once you start changing things and stand for everybody’s wellness you might get people involved in your revolution of bringing change to the society.
  • Sanctions matter, punishing corruption is vital to any effective anti-corruption effort: Various anti-corruption measures are being taken in the society to eradicate it completely from our nation. You must support all the efforts taken by the government if you want the country to become developed and prosperous.
  • Act globally and locally, keep citizens engaged on corruption: Corruption is the root cause of hindering the growth of the nation and it is a global issue which is concerning all the nations. You must be engaged globally and locally in the dealings done under the table and must also inform the involved authorities who are working on stopping this act of corruption if you see something unapproved happening in your locality.
  • Build capacity for those who need it most: You all need money for your living. The people who need the most cannot come upfront and ask for justice to prevail in the country because of the lack of education but the people who are educated and working on the various acts to stop corruption must also take the poor with themselves so that their lives can also be improved.
  • Learn by doing: Learn to say no. People who see corruption happening in front of them should also start saying no irrespective of the sector in which they work. Paying someone a handsome amount of money just to get your bills pass or making inadequate roads in the society must be stopped and you must start learning that the corruption is a problem which every country faces and must work upon reducing it rather than supporting the goals of the corrupt people because of your profits.

Conclusion: People who ask for get more. It is good to ask than to remain silent because if you ask something the other person will also take the efforts in explaining you the method and important concerning aspects. To stop corruption is to educate yourself and self-education comes to people who think they are not helpless and can stand for their rights.

You may also leave your suggestions in the response section about ways to stop corruption from our home and our country India.



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