A pleasant winter.

This winter of 2022 is one of the pleasant winters in India and all around the world. For two years, people did not go outside because of the pandemic fear. After these long two years, this winter is free from all the fears and people are actively looking to go for touring. Even the children are excited to go out for vacations. All the activities were inside homes and even the classes took place online. Everyone looked frustrated and tensed within the past two years of winter. This winter, all the places are open for tourists and the natives are also expecting a good number of people to visit.

People are even planning to visit abroad for tourism. It was really a toxic and difficult time people faced. This winter is also comprised of less air pollution and clean air. Children are especially more eager to go outstation for vacations. Some of the families are still avoiding to go out but the majority is with the people going for tours. I have also been waiting for a winter when there is no headache of keeping yourselves home. This is the winter when everyone can think of good food and warmth.

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