5 steps to have a worklife balance.

Many of you are working hard for the promotion which has been due for a long time. You do everything you can to make your goals outperforming. This is not it. You even want your families to be happy and prosperous. For this, you need to have a balance in your work and home (your personal life and your professional life). Are you able achieve a good worklife balance? You can manage to do anything if you have a worklife balance. Here are the 5 basic steps to achieve it:

  1. Time management: This is defined as a technique of breaking your time in small parts to achieve something big. For example, if you are planning to write a book, you can split your day in such a way that it does not become tiresome and you can focus on other work also. This has been an important way of achieving a good worklife balance and majority of excelling people are following this practice.
  2. Improve efficiency: If you are efficient, you can do good. Your hard work is not only the most important thing that’s counted. You need to have a good efficiency which means that you need to complete a given task within the time which is alloted to you. An important step towards improving your efficiency is 90/90/1 rule. For those who do not know, this rule implies you to practice 1 activity for 90 minutes for the next 90 days. You can start following this rule and you will find yourself becoming efficient in whatever you choose to do.
  3. Learn to say “NO”: You need to be focused towards your goal. Anyone can trick or divert you by jumping in your goals whether knowingly or unknowingly. You need to prioritize your goals and activities. If you do not want to do something, you should say NO to those things. It is a very common example that the people who are friendly and are always willing to help others are the ones who are being taken as granted and people try to take advantages from only those people. If you say NO to things that you do not want to do, you can preserve your self-respect and you will stand as a person who has got respect in others eyes too. If you stop respecting yourself, you will lose respect by others also.
  4. Me time: You should become a fun-loving person and enjoy whatever you do. Once you start enjoying your work it will not be troublesome for you and you will finish it in no time as if time has flown over you. Getting bored in your work takes more time to conquer it. Even if you enjoy the work or not, you need to appreciate it in your me time. You should take out time for yourself where you are alone for sometime and just enjoy your company. If you love your company, your company will be liked by others also. So, take out some time in a day where you can appreciate yourself and enjoy that time so that you can be well prepared for your next job.
  5. Feel rewarded: Even if you are doing a heavy work or a small job you should always feel rewarded. You need to be graceful that you were chosen for the task. Take time to mark yourself as a higher power in this world who has made others happy. You are not alone so, feel rewarded. You should also feel rewarded because you know that you are doing good in your part. People will have complaints and will continue to complaint but you should take it as a reward and try to improve those mistakes to make a recognition for yourself.

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