Sep 27, 2021

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10 money lessons I wish I knew in my early twenties.

Children in the young age are sprouting for their future. They are made to learn the hard and easy lessons which they must adopt once they are in the age of earning money or when they go away from their homes for higher study. The children in the age of twenties are very new to the professional background and they do not have any knowledge on how to express and present themselves in the offices that they are bound to work for their whole life. Some of the children learn very quickly while others find it difficult to adapt themselves according to the changing environment. Earning and saving money is also the same and important to learn. You do not know about the value of money in the early age and even do not care what exactly money can do for your lives. There are two categories of people — the rich and the poor. The poor are the ones who did not get a chance to study and save money for their future and the rich are the ones who have invested themselves in this journey of life and save money for better. I’m going to tell 10 things which every youngster must learn before crossing their adolescence age as it will be better for them.

1) Success comes with education and education comes with money: Some of the children are lucky enough to be born in an educated family and it turns out that these children inherit the qualities of their parents and come out with flying colors in their scholar results. Money is necessary for education which breeds success. Even if you want your dear ones to study and be successful then you need to have a powerful hand full of money so that your children do not have to suffer as other children do. This must be learnt at an early age so that once you grow up and become parents, your children are rich enough to support your family by inheriting the same qualities as you do.

2) Money can give you a better future: Even if you are not studying for a Ph.D. degree and you have money, you can easily start your own business for which you have to invest money and that is only possible if you have money with you. As like dissolves like, your money will fetch more money towards you but for a better future, you need to already have some investment.

3) You cannot control your hard times, so you must have money: You must not completely depend on your earnings for your future as you never know when the market gets crashed without even noticing you and you become miserable. In order to live a life where you are not a broke person, you should have a plan B for your life. This can be anything from purchasing a new business to saving some money as backup for these kinds of circumstances. Saving money at an early age makes you strong and helps in your hard times.

4) Business does not come with money, it comes with relations: If you have ample amount of money in the bank and plan to start a new business, please be aware that no business is successful if you do not have good relationships with people. Money can only help you economically but all the other factors cannot be considered to be covered with money. Some ignorant people tend to lose all their savings just because of the lacking of good conversation quality. So, try to be soft and nice to people to build a better relation.

5) Money needs hard-work and time: You should not think that earning money is easy and you can become rich within 6 months or a year. It needs your valuable time and hard-work as to how much you can stress yourself and fight for this cause of becoming rich. Your hard-work will always pay you in the long run and for doing hard work you need to devote time to things that you are trying to accomplish.

6) Money can bring happiness: Today, you need money for everything and being happy does not mean to be happy internally but you need money for external happiness too. If driving a car makes you happy, then you need to work a lot for purchasing a car of yours and be happy. Everything is becoming materialistic and people have sunken themselves in this race of becoming happy by materialistic things. So, you need money to be happy.

7) Money can break or make relations: Money is powerful and today people measure someone’s power and respect with the amount of jewelry you are wearing or how much salary are you earning or how big is your house and bank account. The richer you are, the more respect you are likely to get in the society. People will be attracted towards you if you have money and vice-versa. Those of you think the same are learning a money lesson which will not be taught to you in your later life.

8) Money is a need: Every commodity and service require money and you cannot be happy if you do not have anything for you by which you can say that you are happy. Money is like oxygen for you and you need money for your survival.

9) Money can shape anyone’s future: Your future totally depends on the education that you get and the kind of environment that you grow up in. No family member wants to fight over money because it will deplete the personality of family members and children and once people get to know that you are not doing good, they try to take every kind of advantage from you that they can get. So, try to save money for your future and a better upbringing will definitely grow up to be a better family. Sooner or later, you are going to start your own family and anyone can become a successful person if you are doing good financially.

10) You must give respect to money: Some people are rich but they do not seem to respect what has been given to them and waste money as if it was not meant for them. You must not adopt the same behavior and always try to respect money which will result in your progress.

Conclusion: Some important lessons are taught in classes and some of the lessons are meant to be learnt while you grow up and there would be no-one at a point of life who will teach you what is important and what is not important for you. Learn as much as possible from your family and close ones so that you too become a valuable part of the nation where your absence can mark a silence in someone’s life.

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